(Theo thể thơ Shakespeare)

White clouds are dotted with blue sky patches
At the porch is a graceful young lady
Standing as still as quick painting sketches
And tenderly she's smiling charmfully
Showing her even white teeth so pearly,
Rose lips, black eyes, dimpled cheeks, silky hair,
A mole on the right lip candid and fair.

With her cordial smile, her pointed nose
Equally draws up two little petals
Just like chrysanthemum buds of meadows
All that makes her both gentle and vital.
She happens to become sentimental
At his sight, and her shoulders are shaking,
Her mouth opening, her lips blossoming.

She gets gleeful with her tinkling laughter
Like sounds of piano music which bound
Lightly on ivory keys with glamour
While her smile is painting rose the whole ground,
Sunshine is bright, white clouds scatter around,
My heart and soul are numb all day all night
As I've got drunk from drinking with delight.

I have long been searching for my lover
Since both of us were still undecided
And I always knew not where to find her.
Now at first sight, we two feel attracted.
As for me, I think with all gold hoarded
From both mountains and plains mile upon mile
I will sure make an exchange for her smile.